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Electric Discharge Machining SERVICES

Spark & Wire EDM services

  • EDM is a manufacturing process that precisely removes material from conductive materials using thermal energy or electrical sparks to obtain the desired shape. It is known for achieving its extremely high accuracy:
    • Wire EDM Machining: Up to +/- 0.0001” inches typical tolerances
    • Sinker or Spark EDM: Up to +/- 0.0002’’ typical tolerances)
  • It is very popular due to its applicability especially for hard materials like titanium or for particularly complex shapes that are hard to achieve with milling.
  • Perfect Tools provides both Spark EDM (Die-Sink) EDM services and Wire EDM Services.
  • We also have access to EDM Hole Drillers.

8 EDM Machines

3-of Wire EDMs, 4-of Spark EDMs 1-of EDM Hole Drilling Machines

Spark EDM

Maximum Table Movement: X-Axis: 1000 mm, Y-Axis: 600 mm, Z-Axis: 500 mm

Wire EDM

Max Bed Size: 600 mm x 400mm Max Component Height: 350 mm

Wire EDM Components dimensions

Up to L: 1000 mm, Diameter: 500 mm

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